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Friday, September 29, 2006

Librarians Are Talented!!!!!

"Out of the Stacks and Onto the Stage II" at the Howl at the Moon was an unqualified success. It is amazing that all these selfless individuals have sacrificed what could only be described as lucrative careers, living in the lap of luxury in Branson, MO (or some other entertainment Mecca), to do what they love to do best, shush people! Well if you missed this year, don't make the same mistake twice, and make plans now to stay up a little late, act like a fool, and hang out with some of wildest liberrians in the good ol US of A! I told you Michael and Peter, you guys should have hung around for another day! Guten tag ya'll!


Anonymous Julie said...

Everyone was awesome and the crowd was so supportive! Others should be inspired to join us next year. Maybe we could have them share a talent with a show and tell which could include something like quilting or classic auto interests. Just a thought.

Thanks again to everyone!

12:40 PM  

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