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Friday, September 29, 2006

President Goff?

Dateline 2007: The Kentucky Library Association welcomes President Goff as the youngest President the association has ever had. The "Prez" as the members now call him, is no stranger to setting new standards. As the first graduate of the new Western Kentucky University 30 second MSLS program the "Prez" nearly stumbled on the "Not" portion of his Orals but to the amazement of his Professors he acheived the first perfect 3 out of a possible 3 score! "While I found 'And' and 'Or' kind of self explanatory, I struggled with the utillity of 'Not'" the "Prez" was heard to remark. Kim Goff and John T. (Tom) Underwood, mother and "uncle" of the "Prez" (and the heart and soul of the Kentucky Library Association), were so delighted they nearly burst as they swelled with pride!


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